“BJ Johnston's portrayal of John Wesley never disappoints in this one man show! Wesley poignantly shares his heart and how it was "strangely warmed" as the grace of Jesus Christ replaced a life of disappointment and false security based on works. The "Man from Aldersgate" life and message are clearly portrayed through the seasoned acting, artistic interpretation, engagement of the audience, and the integrity of the script taken from Wesley's actual journals.

Our congregation was brought to tears as the truth of John Wesley's journey with Jesus over two centuries ago, surprisingly intersected our own present walk, bringing us to a legitimate understanding of the grace of God and the power of His word.”

— Rachel Campbell | Children's Ministry and Preschool Director | Crawfordsville First United Methodist "


“When Mr. Wesley enters the room, you truly believe you are standing in the presence of John Wesley. The way that B.J. brings Mr. Wesley’s story to life is as if he accidentally stumbled into a 21st century meeting. His dedication to the character’s speech, mannerisms, historical accuracy, and general demeanor are impeccable. One feels as though they are watching John Wesley preach from the tombstone of his father.

I would highly recommend The Man From Aldersgate for all ages, cultures, and denominations. B.J. himself is a remarkable man with immense talent and a true passion for Jesus. His love to teach the word of God is undeniable. Even if one were to have B.J. Johnston without the portrayal of John Wesley, one would still be immensely blessed by spending time with B.J.”

— Rev. Joshua Nobles | Pastor of Youth and Contemporary Worship | First United Methodist Church, Crawfordsville, Indiana


“Powerful, entertaining, professional, engaging, challenging….these are all words that I would use to describe B.J. Johnston’s inspiring portrayal of John Wesley in THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE.

Our intention in hosting B.J. was to expose our congregation to the historical fiery roots of our denomination. Without a doubt, this was accomplished, and so much more!  His appeal stretches across the spectrum of age and denominational lines. B.J. was also able to reach across the centuries and ‘bring to life’ the persona of Wesley in a way that brought conviction to our hearts, and a new passion for holiness and revival. I wholeheartedly  recommend this unique ministry-you will love the man B.J. just as much as you will love THE MAN FROM ALDERSGATE!”

— Chuck King | Minister of Worship Arts | Heritage United Methodist Church, Van Buren, AR


“The Man from Aldersgate" as performed by BJ Johnston is certainly a must see for Christians of all denominations. It challenges cultural  Methodists in particular to get back to the core principles of their faith. The performance is inspiring, educational, challenging, and evangelical. I highly recommend "BJ Johnston as John Wesley" as one of the finest Christian performing  artists of our time.”

— Rev. Dr. Harvey K. Prochnau | Pastor, First United Methodist Church | Plainwell, Michigan


“People are still talking about how wonderful it was to have you here presenting “The Man from Aldersgate”. Your combination of excellent content and dramatic character was a true blessing. Many commented on how you were so in character they felt the story come alive. Also “the spiritual power was moving” their own lives were challenged. Your personal interaction with individuals in the audience was a plus to the program. We hope to have you back again for the drama or perhaps to sing and lead a musical time. Several commented on the strength and quality of your music in the couple of songs you sang.”

— Frank Sitcler


“WHAT A SUNDAY!!!  I cannot begin to document all the positive remarks I heard about your dramatization of John Wesley. 

We sat spellbound as you transported us back to the roots of spiritual renewal here in America.  How refreshing to hear solid scriptural teaching artistically woven into the history of common life.  Your portrayal was engaging, entertaining, educational and...well...convicting.  It troubles me greatly that too many of us are starving in the pews for lack of regular nourishment from the Word, and I, for one, was fed immensely.  (I know gluttony is a sin, but I trust God will forgive my overindulging this time!)

I was captivated by the way you interacted with the audience, challenged us, maybe even embarrassed one or two  and still received praise for the privilege of being graciously admonished for our slothfulness!  I was not the only one whose heart was once again "strangely warmed". 

 We are hopeful that one day, this land will look back on a great sweeping revival that started right here at this little church on the lake with a challenge from you and the faithful prayers of a few of His servants. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

May God richly bless your ministry.”

— Connie Oliver